Color Gamut and coverage of Adobe RGB and sRGB spectrum explained


Color gamut

Color gamut is certainly one of the most important determinants of color quality in a monitor, but also one of its most misunderstood concepts. This article seeks to explain in detail what this concept means.




A number of ways can be used to express color gamut but the widely used method is the xy chromaticity diagram derived from the CIE XYZ, by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).… Read More...

Apple Thunderbolt Display MC914LL/B 27 Inch Monitor Review


Apple Thunderbolt Display MC914 monitor review image Apple’s monitors are known for being innovative, stylish and expensive, and the world’s first thunderbolt display- Apple Thunderbolt Display MC914 is not an exception. This monitor in our review borrows heavily from the popular 24 inch Apple Cinema in terms of design and functionality but introduces a couple of revolutionary features including the thunderbolt connection technology, FireWire, and Ethernet support, which propel it to a class of its own where connectivity is concerned.… Read More...